Against all Odds

February 21, 2018

Have you ever wondered how someone managed to find the courage to keep going despite all odds being against them? I know I have and before being on the path that I am on now, I thought there was a secret or shortcut but quickly learned there isn't one. Luckily I have found the answer and it is transformation. I remember hoping that after attending that ONE seminar, reading that ONE book, or finding that PERFECT mentor, my life would be instantly transformed. But Wayne Dyer says it best: Transformation is a process, and as life happens there are tons of ups and downs. It is probably one of the most difficult but most rewarding things you can ever do.

This month I am honored to share the phenomenal story of Desiree on how she managed to succeed and keep pushing despite all odds being against her. Many of you know Desiree as the owner of Chopped Up Cherries, or from one of the other amazing projects: Creator of Stay Chula Apparel, design committee for Amigas 4 My Soul, or her annual vision board parties hosted at Beastin Beauties. However, many of you may not know the uncut version of her story.

Four years ago after she lost her job, she decided to start her embroidery business with only $14. At that time her embroidery business was in her parent's garage and she is now about to open her second storefront location for Stay Chula Apparel. Desiree recalls not having the financial means to support her vision but decided to focus on her vision rather than her current circumstances. She imagined what her shop would look like, what it would smell like, what color her walls would be so much so that it became her current situation.

Despite her biological mother being a drug-addicted prostitute, her father convicted of murder, adopted, and a survivor of abuse, she has found the strength and courage in God. After feeling like she lost everything; her job, her father, her relationship, she lost all hope because she felt like a failure. Something in her pushed her to keep going because at this point she felt like she had nothing else to lose.

Her journey was by no means easy but the moment she decided to give life a try is when her entire life changed. Listening to podcasts and leaning into her spirituality is what lead her on the current path. She has learned and grown so much from her struggles. Her biggest takeaways from it all are not giving up, have faith, and be of service. Desiree is such an amazing soul and her story inspires me to keep pushing. The highlight of the interview was when she said: "When your back up plan is God what other plans do you need." Yes! Surrendering to God and putting in the work to transform is how one can beat the odds. 

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