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November 25, 2017

Most of the past decade I have lived in the south, I recently came back to California in March 2015. Coming back after being gone so long was a huge adjustment. Something about the south made me feel at home and connected. Los Angeles is such a busy town and most people seem to be too busy caught up in the hustle and bustle that they seem to be disconnected. Fortunately, I have been able to connect with amazing people. This past year I have truly learned that being exactly who you are will attract the right people your life. Meeting Vanessa brought a little piece of the south to California for me. It also reminded me to be sure in myself and not be ashamed of my scars. 


From the moment Vanessa and I met we connected, our busy schedules did not allow for us to link up for a while but when we finally did it was like we’d known each other for a long time. I shared with her my story and my why on how Bold Ascension got started. Since then she has been my cheerleader. Vanessa loved the idea and reason behind it because she too has a story that many women do not know about. She said that speaking to me made her feel that she could openly speak out about her overcoming self-doubt and depression. Many see her only as the  successful business owner of Gaviota Tequila and think that she is lucky to be where she is without knowing all struggles, hard work and dedication she had to go through. 


A couple years ago Vanessa got to a point in her life where she hit rock bottom and attempted to  to end her life. Her family sent her to a rehabilitation program and she managed to turn everything negative into a positive. Vanessa was finally open and honest with her family and her mothers love and patience is what helped her through her tough times. Some times we are scared to be vulnerable with others especially our family, because of fear of what they might think. However by her being transparent she learned that life is so beautiful and she is truly blessed to have made it out of her lowest point in life. She says, “Although still sometimes I fall, I always see the positive in every situation.” 


For the longest time, I too was scared of speaking my truth but have learned that God gives us mountains so we can show others how we moved them. Honesty and transparency seemed to work for both Vanessa and I. Finally, we allowed people to see us for who we are without fear of judgement. This is what has allowed us to become really good friends. I read a quote that really reminded me that we are perfect just the way we are: Stop waiting for people to meet you half-way. Meet yourself at both ends of the table and those who's are meant to eat with you will show up, whole too - Malanda Jean-Claude. So always remember be you, speak your truth, and watch your life shift how it’s supposed to be. Don’t hold back and don't be ashamed!


Vanessa has not allowed anyone or anything stop her from realizing her true potential. She is an amazing daughter, sister, cousin, business owner among many other things. Vanessa has helped many other women entrepreneurs succeed in their businesses and is always giving back to the community. Every year she is a part of the Holiday Hook-Up who helped the homeless of Skidrow and sponsors needy families through a program with the City of Lawndale. She has a heart of gold and continues to push forwards. Vanessa's advice to you all is, “Never let anyone or anything dictate who you are or what you can become.” 

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