Owning your power

December 31, 2017

For some reason this New Year’s feels different, maybe a large part of it is because I am no longer the woman that I was before. By no means am I saying I am perfect but I am constantly working on myself and have learned to surrender to God and understand that no matter how much I want to be in control, His plan is always better. Currently, I am in the Dominican Republic, something about this place captured my heart and came back here to end the year. This morning as I was sitting at the breakfast table my heart was overfilled with joy and gratitude. Reflecting on this past year was beautiful. The experiences, trials, and the lessons not just from 2017 but throughout my life have been exactly what I needed to become the woman I am today. Aside from surrendering my entire life to God and trusting him fully, the most important lesson I have learned is to own your power, do not compare yourself to anyone else because God purposefully designed you.

I’m excited to share with you all Jennifer’s story, she has not only been an amazing and dear friend to me, she has also been a huge part of my support team for Bold Ascension. When I first reached out to her for the campaign I could tell that she was a bit reluctant to be a part of it because she believed her “story [was] not very dramatic” she stated she had “faced challenges, but [she] never really had to deal with trauma or other extremely challenging events that others have faced. But if you met the Jennifer back when I met her to the Jennifer she is now, you’d know she has made an incredible amount of growth.

Jennifer was brought up in a very loving household, both her parents were very successful but that came at a high cost. This cost her mother to be gone a lot she recalls her mother being at work more often than not. Her mother's absence initially made Jennifer question her mothers love for her but now as an adult, she understands and confesses they are in such a different and beautiful place now. After Jennifer was academically disqualified from UC she believed her parents would be so disappointed in her. She was surprised at the loving reaction they had, it was then when she knew that their love for her was not conditional - they would love her no matter what.

Being a leader always came naturally to her, at the age of 17 she was supervising employees and by 20 she was managing a boutique litigation law firm full-time. Jennifer believed that leadership meant saying yes to everything and pleasing everyone. This caused Jennifer many medical complications throughout her 20’s and 30’s, all from colitis, bronchitis, and finally pleurisy. Her body had been trying to speak to her for many years and once she “started acknowledging [her] feelings, getting in touch with [her] authentic self, and started living [her] life in TRUTH [her] whole world changed.

When I first met Jennifer, she was timid, quiet (which she still is), and starting her life coaching business. Jennifer may be quiet but she is so powerful. She has this incredible energy of love that always surrounds her. Her business has completely flourished and she has made a huge impact in her community. Jennifer stated, “My body still speaks to me, but now I honor and listen to it. I use my voice but from a place of love. I have found balance in my life, and I feel so blessed to be at a place where I can serve others and help them live their truth and find peace.”

The peace she has brought to my life and others are all due to her learning to use her own voice. Jennifer admits that although she was in leadership roles in the past she was not a true leader because she focused on their agenda - their needs - their mission. She now has her own agenda, fulfills her needs and most importantly is fulfilling her mission.

Never be afraid to use your voice, finding your voice is one way of gaining your power. Your story is yours, do not be ashamed of it. Use it to inspire others, use it to make a difference; whatever you use it for just know that God created one of you. You are the only you that has and will ever exist and know that God will use you if you allow him. I wish you all much success, happiness, and love in 2018.


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