November 26, 2017

The best part of this journey has been meeting phenomenal “hurt” women and watching their growth. Nothing makes my soul happier than seeing women not allow their circumstances to define them! Veronica De Leon is a beast! She inspires me every day to keep going. What she has accomplished in the little bit of time that I’ve known her is truly phenomenal. I first met Vero in a women’s support group where she for the very first time ever spoke out about being molested. For as long as I can remember I have had a passion for eliminating sexual abuse against children. I got clarity when my life coach made me sit down and write down my-why.

I hate to write or at least that's what I told myself and never considered myself to be a writer, so when I sat down I had no clue where to start so I just picked up a pen and began to write. The clarity that I got from that journaling session was everything. My entire life for once made complete sense. Everything that I have been through has lead me exactly to where I am today. My vision for Bold Ascension is to shed a light on sexual abuse among children and break these cycles. Vero is another woman whose story I am honored to share with you all.

Vero was molested at the age of 10, sadly this is very common and we both agree that should not be the case. However these cycles are able to perpetuate because many do not talk about it for different reasons; it is an uncomfortable topic, its the families business, or shame. Sexual abuse damages people, especially children. Vero grew up being scared of men, had low self-esteem, no confidence in herself had self-sabotaging thoughts and felt worthless.

She kept that bottled in for 22 years because she blamed herself or tried to make excuses for why it happened. Vero now knows that is not the case, it was not her fault. What has helped her heal is sharing her story, it made her feel liberated, and in doing so she's been able to help other women who have been through similar situations. Through that experience, shes learned that she is stronger than she thought, that no matter how many times you fall in life, you have to get up and keep going. She's learned to love herself, and focus on what’s good about her, she praises herself for everything that she's accomplished. Vero acknowledges that "Doing so, makes me a better friend, mother, a better person."

Keeping it inside will slowly kill your soul. Vero started having anxiety because she kept it in. It got so bad that she recalls being stuck in traffic and felt she needed to get out and just run. Talking about it to someone will help you heal. It will allow you to be unstoppable. Vero has since launched her own successful skincare line and has flourished into an amazing, confident, beautiful soul. Vero encourage women to show up and be bold! Showing up for yourself means getting the support you need because you're worth it. However, that looks for you please have the courage to speak out!

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