Only you define who you are

January 06, 2017

There have been times in my life where I have taken to heart what people think and say about me. I have slowly come to realize that I define who I am, not others. As Oprah would say, “Don’t get confused between what people say you are and who you know you are.”

Talking about money and where it all goes can be intimidating, especially when you are sitting down with a financial expert. I remember the first time I met Eva Macias. She sat on a stage at a women’s conference I attended and I thought this woman is amazing. She talked about how to gain control of your money and not let money control you. She radiated happiness, intelligence and compassion. I introduced myself, set an appointment with her to go over my finances and shortly after realized what a beautiful soul she truly was and just like many of us, she too allowed others to determine who she was. Here I sat across a woman who was Bold and had Risen from adversity. 

At a very young age, Eva got bullied over her physical appearance and was very insecure. She used to get called names and was laughed at because of the size of her nose. She never wore shorts or dresses because she would get mocked for being “too skinny”. Looking at her today you would never know that about her. She shares that even she hadn’t realized the impact the bullying she experienced as a child had affected her. Today, as a financial expert she hosts a weekly FaceBook live stream; Wealthy Wednesdays. She admits that it took a long time before she was comfortable having a camera on her face and a lot of might to muster up the strength to begin live streaming. She rose from her insecurities and began to define who she was through her own eyes and not those who bullied her as a child.  

Eva was encouraged to break her silence when she started looking within. She began her journey of self-love and learned to love every part of her, including her flaws, and stopped judging herself. Then Eva started to realize she had absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. She said, “Life Happened! It was my perception of the outcome that made a huge difference in me breaking my silence.” You see, when we learn to love every piece of ourselves, amazing things happen. No one can make you happy until you are happy with yourself. When you love yourself you will not accept anything less and you’ll begin to know what you deserve. 

What happened to Eva in her younger years caused her pain but Eva realized that in order to heal she had to look within her soul and not her head. She needed to explore who she really was, not who she thought she "should be” or “was supposed to be.”  She learned to forgive herself and appreciate her body and her soul. In accepting herself, Eva got an opportunity to seek self-love, appreciation, gratitude, stillness, joy, abundance and most of all LOVE lots of LOVE.  She learned to love her sparkle and that allowed her to get comfortable with her body/image. 

All of us have experienced some sort of pain and have had to overcome obstacles in life. As much as they’ve hurt, be thankful for these moments because without the pain we’d never truly know how strong we are. Eva is out in the community doing amazing things, from hosting a monthly Sister Circle for Amigas for my Soul, to teaching financial literacy workshops to the youth, and recently part of Operation Butterfly Effect. If she would have allowed other people's perception of her to become her reality, we would be robbed of her awesomeness. After overcoming her obstacles, Eva has learned to appreciate herself because when things get “real” she has always found a way to RISE! Next, not to judge herself so much, she is good enough to handle any circumstance because if she was not then GOD would not have given her that scenario. He knows there is a lesson that she was supposed to learn through her struggles. Lastly, she learned to let go of caring what people think of her. 

Never be afraid to be who you truly are meant to be. Through her struggles and acceptance of it, Eva is now at peace. We stayed connected because we both understand that our struggle does not define us, our past does not dictate our future. We are both passionate about making a difference and we do that by simply being authentic and being open about our struggles. Eva and I know that as long as we do good for others and ourselves GOD will always get us through anything.

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